Dies Natalis 2023 - Part of our IMPACT

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Online Bachelor Open Day

Pick your favourites! To get the most out of this event we recommend you to attend the study rounds of the bachelor's that appeal to you.

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Online Master Open Day

Wherever you are: on 16 November, you can tune in on your screen and dive into the wide range of master’s programmes at the University of Twente.

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Every connection has a story

The 5th of September marks the start of a new academic year. The start of new connections, new adventures, new stories. And we would like you to be part of it!

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As an academic community, one of our strengths is the ability to see things from different perspectives, and therefore to challenge the status quo.

The new series Perspectives enables us to host dialogue sessions to talk and debate about topics that require the attention and thinking power of our community in any way. About opportunities we see. In the challenges we face. About things that we are passionate or worried about. About things that are concerning.

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Studium Generale

Studium Generale organises public lectures on the most recent and exciting developments in science, technology, politics and culture. Scientists and other experts speak passionately about their fields of expertise and the world we live in. There’s always time for interaction, so feel welcome to join!

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Mindlab is about working and living within a university. It's a must-see science fiction thriller that challenges you to reflect on what drives you, on what you stand for and on what you want to achieve. And it also inspires you to consider your role and professional life at the university. 


Streaming events

  • Dies Natalis 2023
  • Online Bachelor Open Day
    16 november 2022
  • Online Master Open Day
    16 November 2022
  • Opening of the Academic Year (OAY) 2022/2023
    Monday 5 September 2022
  • Perspectives
  • Dies Natalis 2022
  • Studium Generale
    *NEW SEASON* Spring 2022
  • Mindlab