UT.LIVE: online streaming platform

We empower event organisers to create effective, interactive and engaging events, resulting in authentic connections between happy and inspired visitors.

Born out of necessity, but here to stay. In an Increasingly digitising environment, the University of Twente offers with the online streaming platform UT.LIVE a real-life experience during a virtual event. 

UT.LIVE incorporates both the live elements as speakers, stages and networking of a regular event with the perks of a digital one: worldwide reach, low costs and greater accessibility.

> 25
events to date
> 30
broadcasts in parallel
> 38,000
platform visitors


The online streaming platform has been used for various major and minor events since 2020 and is continuously optimised in order to provide attendees with amazing digital, inspiring experiences.

Interactive at its best

The best way to keep attendees engaged is by letting them meet each other. After all, people are the most interesting part of an event.

More engagement

Attendees are able to watch different live streams and at the same time interact in a group or 1:1 chat. This not only ensures greater engagement but also provides them with the extra information when needed.

Understanding your audience

By going digital you can track every click, view and dwell-time. This gives you useful data insights into your customers' interests and behaviour. Far more than you will ever get in the physical world.

Features platform UT.LIVE

All-in one event platform

  • Various programme concepts possible such as webinar, talk show, and parallel sessions
  • From start to finish: online event platform UT.LIVE (event builder, hosting)
  • Data dashboards for tracking behavioural data 
  • One platform available on laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Advanced tools:

  • Chat functionalities: group and 1:1 chat
  • Upvote questions by viewers
  • Push and Call-to-action notifications
  • Rewatch event afterwards
1:1 chat unavailable
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